Artwork Display Application Form

A copy of the Artwork Display Guidelines can be obtained from Eagle Station at 3507 Williams Street, Patterson, Georgia; online at Here or by request at

Completed applications may be delivered in person, by mail, by email, or online. Applications must be accompanied by the artist’s profile information.

Any materials received by the Patterson Art Gallery Committee will not be returned to the sender without prior arrangement by applicant with the Committee.

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I understand that this application does not constitute a contract. If my work is chosen, I will be contacted by the Patterson Art Gallery Committee to arrange formal dates for showing. I understand that in offering my works of art to be exhibited/displayed in the Gallery, that I release the City of Patterson/Eagle Station and all related entities from any liability for injury or damages, destruction, loss, or theft of item(s) that may occur during the exhibit/display period, during the installation or removal of the exhibit/display, or in the transportation of the exhibit/display.

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